Hi and welcome to PCandWEB.com, where you can find various handpicked resources on design, development and daytoday computer activties.

My name is Subhadeep Gayen, and i’m your host and guide for this evening… I am 19 yrs old, i live in India, and am currently pursuing Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. I have a sharp interest in graphics and webdevelopment and have done some basic courses, but mostly i’m selftaught (resources in internet are vast).

Why does PCandWEB exist?

This blog exist mainly because i want to share Graphics Tutorials, General Windows Tips and Tricks, Software and Website Reviews, Webdesign and Web-development Resources with you. I started this blog on sheer rush of adrenaline to share stuffs with everyone and i also did hear blogging have many financial possibilities.

What differentiates PCandWEB from others?

This is an important question, and this is also a question which i must answer to myself. There are many sites posting on the same topic day by day so what special do i have? I have the confidence and better taste, i write out of interest and i always give my readers the best of me. Now my best can’t be the best among all, but i know i’ll learn in the process and will write even better posts in coming times.

How can you contact me ?

You can contact me at subhadeepgayen [at] gmail.com. You can also find me at twitter, @sgayen.

How can you help me ?

I’m very glad if you are reading this, i’m not asking for any monetary help here, even small token of appreciation via comment is helpful for me. You can also help me by writing some articles which i can post here ( 100% credit acknowledged to you). Or you can just subscribe to my FEED and keep yourself updated.

Hope you would enjoy PCandWEB and be a active part of it. Thanks !!

Currently working as MD in SandBoyMedia. Based in India having keen interest in Design and Development.