10 Best PHP Form Generator available for Free

Creating Website Forms are sometimes very tedious jobs if you don’t have the right tools, and more often when you need the form created within hours. Unless and until you have your resources and scripts ready it can take hours or long. For those who knows basic HTML/CSS and don’t have PHP and Database knowledge it becomes time consuming and problematic for them. In This article i will list out some of the best PHP form generator.

I have found 2  kinds of php form generators online,

  1. Form generators which created only the HTML/CSS for the forms. This type of form generators are viable for those who have the scripts ready and only need a stylish well arranged HTML/CSS with form validation.
  2. Form generators which create both HTML/CSS and the scripts required to run the form successfully in your website. This are the best options for anyone from a developer to a person who is not good in coding, it will make your work lots faster and easier, I highly recommend this php form builder.
  3. Third type are ones which allow you to create and integrate forms easily but the source code is not given to you, and submission is handled by the software company, i find this very bad, as you submissions can be used against you and you have many limitations on no of submissions and also your data can be used for other purposes, even in future it may increase price or even disappear from market, making your website broken, I dont recommend this at all.

The 1st kind of form generators are mostly free, but the 2nd  types are generally in most cases premium, though they have free options with less frills and wow factors. In this article I’ll round you up with all kinds of form creators and only those which are free or have free basic option. I’m pretty sure you won’t need to even look more after going through this article.

(Best All Rounder) Instant Form Pro (Type 2)


Instant form Pro os the best PHP Form generator currently available in market, though its a premium form builder, it has every option you can dream of, with a very simple user interface, you are able to create any type of forms you want, starting from feedback to test, quizzes, etc. No Limitation on No of forms you can create, and The source code is instantly provided to you, and it comes with excellent support from the developer.

Pros :

  • User Friendly Drag and Drop Interface
  • Spam Protection
  • Multiple Form Manager
  • Database Integration
  • Validation
  • File Upload
  • Export Data Feature
  • IP Limitation
  • Excellent Support
  • Loads of Templates

Cons :

  • None !!


JotForm Form Builder

JotForm Form Builder

My personal favorite for times when i’m in hurry. Very easy drag drop interface with some free premium features like file upload, payment integration, PDF forms, and many more. A must try for every one.

Pros :

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Many premium features for free
  • Free SSL forms

Cons :

  • 1oo submissions/month
  • 10Mb Upload Limit


Form Site Form Builder

Form SIte Form Builder

Another Type 3 Form Builder, with moderate user interface, this ones particularly good if you want multipage or login based forms. Though the interface looks very complex it has many really good features hidden in its complex interface.

Pros :

  • Multipage Forms
  • Login Based Secure Forms
  • 50 Items Support

Cons :

  • 1oo submissions/month
  • 50Mb File Storage Limit
  • 10 results/form storage only


Accessify Form Creator

Accessify Form Builder

Simple XHTML/HTML Form builder with very minimal features with no script support. Suitable for creating quick XHTML/CSS forms for the site.

Pros :

  • Very Simple User Interface
  • XHTML Makrup

Cons :

  • No Backend Script
  • Not Many Features


Wufoo Form Builder

Wufoo Form Builder

This is type 3 form builder, its a good form builder with drag and drop interface, It has lots of limitation but the interface is user friendly and have good amount of features.

Pros :

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy Integration
  • Notifications
  • Many Templates
  • Data Export Feature

Cons :

  • No backend script download
  • No file upload facilities (and many other features) for free users
  • 100 entries/month
  • Premium version very costly and limited


Form Spring Form Builder

Form Spring Form Builder

Form Creator with very limited options for free users, only reason its worth trying is it supports straight redirect of form data to users email and no submission monthly limit which is really a very good thing.

Pros :

  • Good User Interface
  • Fast Creation & Integration
  • No Submission Limit

Cons :

  • No File Upload
  • No Script Download


EmailMe Form Builder

EmailMe Form Builder

The best thing in EmailMe form builder comes with premium account where you can download the html and the php script of the form for installing it to your webserver otherwise its pretty same as others except for the free spam filtering and uplaod

Pros :

  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Spam Filter
  • 50 Max Field

Cons :

  • Slow Interface
  • No Script Download for free users


Kontactr Contact Form Creator

Kontacr Contact Form Generator

This is just what it say, contact form creator for your site, with no frills, no option to edit fields or whatsoever just a robust contact form creator.

Pros :

  • Super Fast

Cons :

  • No Options to Modify


Formmail Maker Form Creator

Form Mail Form Maker

Another free form creator fully ready with down loadable scripts and admin panel for your form. This also hosts your form for you if you want so. Overall this is another simple type 2 form creator.

Pros :

  • Free Script Download
  • Admin panel

Cons :

  • Bad Interface
  • No Multipage Support


pForm Form Builder

Pform Form Creator

This is only HTML/CSS builder very fast with web 2.0 looking forms and validation integrated with buckets of options. very good one if you are looking for something to create the HTML/CSS creator for free.

Pros :

  • Very Good User Interface
  • Very Fast Creator

Cons :

  • None (considering its type 1)


VisitorContact Contact form Creator

Visitor Contact Contact Form

This is the 11th one but i thought i should add this on the list. A web 2.0 no frills contact form creator complete with google maps, captha and other features with floatable button. Very good one if you are looking for only a simple contact form.

Pros :

  • Good Styling
  • Simple Interface

Cons :

  • Fields can’t be modified


So What Should You Use

In my opinion Instant Form pro is the best all rounder PHP form generator. Though it will cost you a small investment in the beginning, it has all the features you’ll ever need, with a great usability and interface. Its really easy and fast to make forms in the online based software, and based part is the Instant php form generator does’nt hide any source code and gives you the full code with instructions on how to use, without you even typing a code.

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  3. I was looking for a good contact form and Instant form Rocks!!…thanks
    .-= Nimit Kashyap´s last blog ..WordPress ecommerce plugin GetShopped =-.

  4. Vivek says:

    thanks ur info is great

  5. Subhadeep says:

    if you use their resource you are bound to face such problems, use the ones which provides you the server side script too. or better still register in the site and download the script. Thats why i recommended Instant Form as it gives you the full code.

  6. Thanks for this.. It’s top on the google rank when I search for “Best free online form builder”.
    This summarizes all.
    .-= Rongen Robles´s last blog ..iBanking =-.

  7. Ronda says:

    THanks for this most helpful post! Instand Form Builder is a life savour, i can install the script in my server and use it without depending on external servers.

  8. Jayant says:

    Thanks mahn.I was trying to find this information only. :)

  9. Fantastic info!! I did’nt knew about Instant Form, its a hidden gem, it does’nt appear in top of search but its definately one of the best in premium sections Thanks! <

  10. Jitendra says:

    THanks for this most helpful post! I am creating a profiling form for my website now and yr list above will really help me

  11. Linda says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information both in your post and in the replies. I have an issue I hope you can address – or perhaps direct me to where I can find the answer!
    We are trying to find a program that can create a multi-page planning and reference on-line fill-in form as a “real life” application exercise for business skills learned in our cloud based learning program.

    The form isn’t needed to collect data for us, but just to allow the user to fill in and use as a practical planner.

    Do you know if one of the form software packages can:
    – Let user access the completed parts of the form the next time s/he is in our program to learn the next skill?
    – Allow the user to print the form at any time as a record and hard copy planner?
    – Let the user access a new form to use when planning for a different customer?

    So far, I’ve checked out Wufoo and even Survey Monkey without success.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!

    • Subhadeep says:

      it is possible via Instant Form to some extect, my advice is create the basic part in Instant Form, and other parts can be coded by hiring a developer over the generated php.

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  13. Tom says:

    Hey thanks for the great info, I have tried a few of them out and they seem to work great.

    The one downfall is that I can find one that allows me to get the form sent as a PDF so I can download and print, it is just included within the email. Any idea on a form builder that will allow me to create a form and have it emailed as a PDF attachment? I am happy to pay for the site builder.


  14. MadMAX says:

    Great choice.My favorite is also instantform, its fast and easy..

  15. Kerie says:


    Thanks for your reviews it was really Helpful, i bought Instant Form Builder and it really is good and saved me a lot of headache and its ease of use is excellent.


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