10 Best Online Tools To Find Your Perfect Domain Name

When i started to think of starting my blog i was really worried about the domain name (though i should should be worried about what to I wanted something which is easy to remember, meaning is easy, and of course describes what the site is all about, and i’m happy to say i got my perfect domain. Now finding is was not so easy like, just go to domain registration site search domain name and buy, it was rather tedious job, and i took help of numerous suggestion services to come with a propername, and interestingly i found pcandweb in a junkyard (dropped domain lists), and i have polished it to suit my needs.

Before you head on on the suggestions you maybe wanting to know :

Now that we know the basics we can now start with the tools.

I Need To Check If Its Available

Ok so you already have something in your mind and you have came up with a name, you just need to check if its available or some simple suggestions if its not available without changing the name, Here’s what you need,


Domain Typer

This is simple yet very powerful and fast due to built in ajax in it, you just need to type the name you want and it clearly shows you if its available, if not it uses domain hacks to make it spell same (ex:, I really like this tool due to ist fast suggestions and due to its domain hacks. It even has an inbuilt web 2.0 domain name generator.


Same as Domain Typer with a different skin and some more details like Registrars, TLD and all ofcourse for registered domains, try anyone you like, which ever suites your tastes .. :p

I Need Suggestions

Most of the people visiting this site will fall in this category, in this case you have something, like category or keywords you want in your mind and need some more refinements and suggestions to make your find your perfect domain name. So here’s a list of tools which will help you suggest a good name.


Bust A Name

One of my favorite tools, just enter 2-3 keywords and it will create conbinations on fly, click on the blue arrow and it will show similar words and change suggestions accordingly on fly using ajax, best of all it only shows the domain which are available !!


Display Details

I specially like this one due to its very good suggestions, it not only mixes the keywords but also gives suggestions on different phrases altogether, you may stumble on 1-2 great domain names here while playing around.


Name Boy

One of the oldest domain name suggestion tool with huge database, though the site looks a little oldish but it has very good power under its hood, but i do think it should upgrade its looks.


Suggest Name

This one is a different kind of tool, it uses prefix and suffix and creates mixtures to stumble on a name, the thing i mentiones it here is becouse of its preset prefix and suffix which are very good in stumbling on a new great domain, bad part is it even shows the domain which is registered.



Another same type of tool like suggestname but its presets are different and good to so i added it here. It also has a random web 2.0 name generator. Pheww.. this web 2.0 is really a craze.

Some other domain name suggestion you may want to try are :

Nothing In Mind Lets Stumble !!

If you are under this catagory i’m sure you are anather domain reseller trying to find a good domain name to own and resell, or just another punk who wants to own a cool domain, and never cares his niche


Domain Pigeon

A really cool site with unique interface, come here if only you want to stumble, it also shows available twitternames, the domains are darker green based on popularity, pink one are already registered, if you are lucky you’ll find a great domain name here.


Fresh Drop

The site has a list of freshly expired domains, domains up for sale in closeouts, ebay, sedo etc in one place, this is a sure shot place if you are domain hunter and if you are lucky you’ll find a great domain for you to resell or use.


Just Dropped

Another site where you can find recently deleted domains and hope you are lucky to get a good name out of the trash as i got mine !!

Now please note and be careful to protect your domain as maybe there are thousands of people waiting for your domain to expire and snatch, its high market there. Now if you yourself are one of the snatchers you should know some basics :

And Last but not the least, most of this sites earn from the affiliation with the domain registration sites, so if you think their adv free services are fruitful to you, you should consider registering the domain through them, as i know how tough its to run a adv free site…

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