5 Best Torrent Tracker Scripts To Start Your Own Torrent Site

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29 Responses to 5 Best Torrent Tracker Scripts To Start Your Own Torrent Site

  1. Yassin says:

    Very Nice Scripts For Torrent Site !! i Test It
    Thx !!

  2. Yana Scaturi -> Yuna Scatari


  3. Joeroberts says:

    Beta testers needed for phpMyBitTorrent version 2.0.4 beta1

  4. tony says:

    thanks for the write up about torrentstrike and im glad to see our project is being used and there is a new version of torrentstrike going to be released soon which will run quicker and also come as a xbt option soon after :)

  5. rapid0 says:

    Another example and Family Safe version of the Template Shares tracker by xam



  6. Joeroberts says:

    We are still seaking Beta testers for
    phpMyBitTorrent 2.0.4
    some features added:

    NEW cache system to lighten database load
    This includes

    1. configs
    2. Shout configs

    New shout box settings from admin panel
    Settings Include

    1. Open/Close ShoutBox
    2. announcement on top of shouts [BBcode is used]
    3. Number of shouts to show
    4. How long to keep shouts
    5. Refresh Rate
    6. Idle Time
    7. Allow System to shout new users
    8. Allow Shout new torrents
    9. Allow Porn Torrents to be shouted [not finished]

    New level control system
    Allows you to

    1. Create New level
    2. Edit what each level can do
    3. Edit level color
    4. Delete level

    New Help desk system
    New User Pruning system
    New By pass email confirmation
    New give upload credit on sign up
    New layout in admin panel
    New Youtube video
    Lots of code fixes from past bug reports

  7. Joeroberts says:

    phpMyBitTorrentV2.0.4 is moving to RC1 files can be found at bvlist or phpMyBitTorrent web sites

  8. Dobby2007 says:

    Link to Desifilmz not working!!!

  9. I find I can’t use other peoples’ scripts. They are always buggy, man. I just wrote everything custom for cinematorrents

    It can be good to at least review what else is out there and analyze what’s been done.
    .-= John Stroman´s last blog ..Big Fish 2003 720p BluRay x264 CMCT =-.

  10. Frank says:

    Xbtit dosen’t even come with the very basics to run a tracker that has members, no rules, no faq’s not even a disclaimer, not to mention the lack of support they offer even when you sign up for their so called premium support which you wont get any of even though you have paid for it.xbtit is for thoses if you have time, money and patience, and be prepered for the mods not to work.

    PhPmybittorrent has all the basics and more but is a very clumsy script and i had a lot of errors before i even got to the home page.

    Torrent trader seems ok but looks very “old” visually but comes with the basics and is easy to add mods to which is a plus in my book.

  11. nadz says:

    Do you know that http://www.sumotorrent.com, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing? Check out now the full access to Verified Files.

  12. ArabicGT says:

    Watch This HD Video. A Quick Tour On Xbtit.


  13. chaotec says:

    hey guyes what about What about those Scripts؟

    torentz.com or /thepiratebay.org/

    How do I get one of these

  14. chaotec says:

    can any one a link for x10 media torrent Search Engine encoded

  15. Phatpicks says:

    I am looking 2 start my own Torrent download, like Demonoid or xbit,
    I want 2 be able 2 implement feeds like blogs,streaming,widgets etc.
    pls email me.

  16. india information says:

    thanx 4 sharing …..

    i really need it.

  17. joeroberts says:

    the Linked demo for phpMyBitTorrent is for the Next release of 2.0.5
    witch is not out yet.

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE96cK4_qBE

    thx for sharing!

    I’m using this one http://nanotorrents.com it seems like new
    it looks like they using xbit tracker.

  19. Z3r0 says:

    i’m using xbtt tracker on http://www.PoTorrent.com , but it’s unreliable
    thinking of creating my own custom tracker

  20. buznagn says:

    i know this post is old but people still probably look at it so i would like to say the site Diva Design using the torrent trader source is no longer around. the actual site was not a tracker but did use the source just to show people that torrent tracker sources are not limited to just running a tracker and can be used to run any kind of site you want.

  21. sitebitch says:

    we use Template Shares 7.1 good litle scrip just no help from maker xam.

  22. Dentoo says:

    Seedboxes and tracker hosting will be nneded.

    Hosts that are recommended and accept torrent trackers and seedboxes are:


    and http://admin-hosting.com

    They will give you best advices too with their experience.

  23. SupamaN says:

    Where I find hosting?

  24. This article only concerns private torrent tracker scripts and not the scripts which indexes torrents such as mininova

  25. x360zone says:


    new up and coming tracker source code with many features im a current developer with joeroberts and daffy looking forward to seeing what the future brings

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