10 Essential Firefox Addons/Extensions For Bloggers

In this article i have tried to list the best, and must have addons/plugins for firefox which can help you in blogging as well as speed yourself up. All the addons are my personal choices and i myself use this addons to get help in blogging. Some addons may have better counterparts but i like minimalistic addons without any unnecessary features, so i have preferred them in the article. Hope you’ll find some helpful addons/plugins here and Happy Blogging!!

Scribe Fire

It is a really good full featured stand-alone blog editor. If you are already using a stand-alone desktop application you may not want to try this, but those who are still stuck with web interface for posting in their blog they must install this addon which is free as well as have great features. It also allows you to drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs. It supports a large number of services including WordPress, Movable type, blogger and many more. And best of all its FAST !!

Read It Later

While blogging we come across many sites which are of one time interest for example, if you are compiling a list of best mootools applications you may not want to do a permanent bookmark to all the application sites as they are of one time interest and you just need to refer to the page once. Read it later comes to your rescue it helps in preventing clutters with bookmarks, after you have finished referring to it just unmark it, its that simple !!



Screen Grab

Screengrab is an addon which enables to save a entirewebpage, or just the viewable pane as image. It can also capyure Flash and Java elements. It is minimalistic than its other screen grabs like Fire Shot. But i like it because of its minimalistic non interfering nature and also because i prefer photoshop to do all basic edits.



Seo Quake

Everyone will agree how SEO is a must for any kind of blog to reach to its target audience as well as get proper rankings. Bloggers such as me also have the needs to refer to other factors such as ranks, inbounds, keywords etc. and also do research on other blogs in terms of SEO and for this Seo Quake is an indispensible tool. This is a must install for all bloggers who what to increase their Search engine reach.




This is an indispensible tool to share your articles in popular sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook etc. It really speeds up the process of adding the articles to the sites. And also being a hardcore net surfer it helps me to share those sites which does’nt have the social buttons integrated. A must try ..


Grease Monkey

It uses javascript to customise the webpage the way you want, it is not only useful for ordinary web surfers but also bloggers like me, some script which maybe of interest o a blogger are Flickr Easy GrabSWFObject Plugin Helper, Link title,WordPress Comment Ninja and 100’ds more, visit userscripts.org for full listings.




An awesome addon for bloggers, it suggests images, links, photos, tags etc while you write your post. Simple oneclick addition interface and relevent suggestions makes it a must try.



Split Browser

It is a really handy addon, which helps you to split the content area of browser as you wish. It helps is easy reference without switching between the tabs. It also helps you to to 2-3 works at a time but to use split browser bigger monitor is preffered for larger space.



Feedly RSS

Feedly is a very interesting and fun and magazine style rss reader. It seamlessly integrates with Google Reader, Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious etc. Theres no better way to read rss and keep urself updated than feedly.




Last but not the least iMacros, it helps in carrying out repetitive tasks and helps automating firefox. You can create your own macros and carryout stressful repetitive tasks in jiffy.



Thanks for reading. Hope it helps !!

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