Showcase Of Beautiful Pink, Orange And Brown Websites

Today we’ll inspire ourselves with some beautiful websites which are using Pink, Brown and Orange as their main base colors. I’m very sure there are many many many other beautiful sites which use this colors which i don’t know of, so i’d like you guys to let everyone know about those sites via comments, also let me know if you have some colors in mind.

Orange Websites

Orange is a very attractive colour, it combines the power of both red and yellow, it depicts, creativity, happiness, stimulation and so on. Truly saying if i had a corporate website i’d never have used due to the variety of age group as clients, but the examples here are really unique ones even for a corporate site. BTW did you know orange has a very high visibility rate, so its very effective for promoting natural products and toys.


Sprinkle Penny


Paulo Vitor


Mountain Late Church

Matt Dempsey

Ignite IMD


Espirate Tecnologias


Cubeclub Chemnitz

Colour Pixel

Baney Design

Antemeridiem Design

63 Under

Pink Websites

Pink is a girly color so did i knew until i discovered this sites, i’m surprised some sites appealed me more than my girlfriend Colour of love so some tells, Pink evokes different feeling in all together. If you are preparing sites for childrens and females pink is a very good option.

We Shoot Bottles


Seventy One Lab


Liz Lance

Lost In Wonderland


Killer Pink

Jamie Webster


Digital Devotion

Choose MCS



Brown Websites

Brown is corporate, it somewhat depicts experience, professionalism, it is warm colour. It can convey honesty, wholesomeness, dependability.

Weight Shift

Tiberioe Cesar

Things That Are Brown

Tea Round App

Story Pixel

Splashy Fish



Quartz Club

Philip Newton

MVP Movie


Jason Hiner

Freebies Dock


Barista App


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