30+ Inspirational, Cool And Creative Business Card Designs Showcase (Part 1)

Of course you have a business card, and if you don’t have you’ll obviously need it in future. Business card is like your personality in your absence. As a general rule, a successful person has a unique and strong personality which is felt on his presence, similarly your business card should make itself stand out from the other ordinary cards. It should pronounce what you do it should create curiosity in the person holding the card to know you. Now you must be thinking all things how can it be possible in such a small card, how can i give in my whole personality, taste in it? Yes, you can, and you don’t have to look further your on the right page check the examples below and take inspiration. ( This is only first Part I’ll be coming up with more in future :) )

Kevin Mitnick’s business card is a break-out lock picking kit.

Plastic Business Card. Morris Colombo

Business Card For Personal Trainer

Dolce Vita Jóias

MYTV Business Card

Shikaku Business Cards

Difted Cards

Alvena Card

Bon Card

Taste Chocolate

Rhythm Kitchen business cards. These are Printed recycled card using vegetable oil based inks.

The Mandate BC

Nancia Business Card

Global Outreach

Eleven 2

One Of the Best Creative Business Card I’ve ever seen. Max Steiner Card.

Marcus Business Card

Blue Bird Design

Fabergraph On Flickr

Serena Belfrond’s Card Manufactured by Business Cards EXPRESS

Another Really Cool Transparent Card

Pinkograf World Business Card

Fabero Business Card

Yangmedia Business Card


FanQ Business Card

Shelly Hughes Business Card

Business Card Created With Rubber Stamp !

Yan’k Art Business Card

Fuse Business Card

Annemone Letterpress

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