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10 Everyday Life Saver Tricks And Tricks (Part 1)

This is a must read if you wan’t to speed up your everyday tech life and wan’t to know some great tricks which can save your time (maybe life). Some of the hacks and tricks are so simple yet so powerful, that at the end of this article you’ll gain enough knowledge to become speedman (if not superman). Happy Reading !!

1) Handy Google Search Tricks

google First one’s always gonna be google, life in internet sucks without google, and it sucks more if you don’t know the hidden true power of google, blame you!!

2) Handy Firefox Tricks

firefoxOfcourse i knew you guessed it, it had to be the 2nd item, and probably you are using it right now (if not you should), so why not we get to know some small tricks to make our surfing even better?

3) Tweet Tweet !! Twitter Tips & Tricks

twitterI hope everybody knows what twitter is, and i’m sure for some of you twitter is indespencible, so better get of to some serious articles and squeze some juice outta twitter

4) Cheat Sheets – Cut Your Way Through


A cheat sheet is a kind of a small note on anything which can be used as reference, its specially useful for getting acquainted with different software and speeding yourself up using shortcuts or things which you may not be knowing. It is generally stuck in the walls behind your pc.

5) Speed Up Your Computer

&copy jpctalbot

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Due to various reasons the your computer can become slow , programs can takes higher time to load, higher bootup times etc, if this is the case with you your PC needs immediate attention, proper maintainence everyday can boost up its performance.

6) Speed Up Your Internet

All time favourite topic of everyone, main point is you cannot speed up your connection limit. but you do can optimise it on your end for performance boost. Whooooosh!!

7) WordPress Tricks


This ones for avid bloggers who use wordpress, get to know the hidden powers of the magic called wordpress, this will surely help you to give you a push.

8 ) Windows Registry Tweaks

registryRegistry is a central hiararchical database used in Windows, its easy to get yourself f****d editing it without proper knowledge, and it can also be the most powerful tool to do marvelous tweaks, use with precaution, don’t void your OS !!

9) Adsense – Its Flooding Money!!


Ofcourse Its NOT me

Adsense is another important topic for web admins, for me its not really flooding money, but for those who are having more or less good and wants to have more should go through the stips and tricks mentioned beneath.

10) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips & Tricks


SEO is a subject all in itself, there are SEO specialists out there trying to optimize sites to get them listed in the front pages of search engines and drive home millions of hits. You may not have money to hire such pros, but you can do some basic SEO yourself to optimize your page, if your not lazy enough !!

Ahem.. First part is complete, 2nd, 3rd and more will come soon, hope you enjoyed reading them.

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