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Forget Startmenu And Speed Yourself – Use Launchy

Launchy is a free windows and linux utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

Josh Karlin

Ok thats what Josh Karlin, the smart graduating student the creator of launchy thinks, but here we’ll focus on what i think of this preety nifty tool...

Why Should You Switch ??

Yes…obviously thats ought to be the first question, if your not “i install anything” typo user, Now in present conditions i can predict with a guarantee you have hundresds of applications installed, right? “Hey wheres that software, it must be on the list, where its gone” .. these are the lines a average startmenu user will utter, when he’s looking through his start menu, searching for the grim app, which he even dont remember the position was, i’m sure it occured to you many times.

Lets do a interesting calculation, you use startmenu, normally to launch a application u need to make minimum 3 click atleast in xp, vista does have its own search but i feel it disgusting to use. so i assume you’re fast and you take 1.5 sec to launch a application, so daily¬† average people launches minimum 50 apps, just calculate u’ll know. so it comes out to be 50*1.5 thats 75sec/day, moreover theres is mouse touch fatigue which i severly hate myself. Now after using launchy for 1 year i cannot leave without launchy, it take me 0.3 sec to launch an app, even without touching the mouse, even if i assume i take 0.5 sec its 50*0.5 which is 25sec, i save 50 secs minimum perday and a whole lot of fatigue. so i save minimum of 5 hours per year, its too much for me too waste, don’t know about you though.

Ok I Got It But Only For 5 Hours??

No.. its not only for 5hours, its for accessibility, whats the GUI for? WHy dont we use dos to launch programme? it will be just couple of hours more time? Yes..its for accessibility and making you different who would like to hunt down the huge list for a minute, i’d rather press CTRL+SPACEBAR (Default Launchy Shortcut) and type first few characters and voila the progs on list, its rather faster in happening the writing it here. More over Launchy has a wide variety of options integrated into it, The default skins are wow looking , you can even make you skin or get some from net.

Browsing Programmes

Browsing Programmes

So Its All About Looks And Accessibility??

Isn’t that enough to make you give it a try…?? No… Ok here the list of some more things launchy have in offer, You can add custom directory even extensions to catalog (Heres a idea forget you media library, add mp3 extension and the music directory in catalog and next time you want to listen just press CTRL+SPACE and type few chars..voila!! So you see its not restricted and btw did i say it learns as use it??

Theres more…. there arte plugins too..!! Now how can that be helpful ??? How many times do you need to switch on your calculator, launchy has it integrated, type “234-47” it gives you result !! ditch that calculator, then theres search plugin webby, type in google, or amazon(u can add to list) then press TAB and type your search term and voila!! Check it yourselves…Check your weather, Browse yur whole computer, ditch the mouse too, and moreeeee!!!

Browsing Directory

Browsing Directory

Doing Calculations

Doing Calculations

What Are You Waiting For??

Isnt this all enough??? What are you waithing for guys?? What…??? Am i missing something?? Ohh..err the links …lol, heres the links give it a try and then post a comment if its helpful.

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