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What Are The Best Things To Do With Your Old PC

With so lightning fast innovations in technology resulting in higher multicored monsters, sleek big panel LCD’s, higher GPU’s horsepower were bound to change our small old PC on our desk. And it’s not because of these innovations we’re forced to change but due to the applications which don’t run on our old single cored processors. And after the sleek new PC comes into our computer obvious questions is what vto do with than old PC which is perfectly running without any problems?

Not to worry I have wide variety of choices for you, suck out the investment made on those PC’s using those techniques, don’t let them go waste. By using your old box you can not only making your new PC work less but also increasing its lifespan (though lifespan are truly dependent on software and game creators).Lets start with something light and then move on to tougher mods.

Learn Linux

linuxThough its true modern linux OS flavours requires high amount of RAM and processing power to run them but there are still some linux which are processor friendly and can be used to learn basic linux structure. Try Xubutu it needs only 64mb of RAM to run. If you are not too confident in wiping out your old FAT32 or NTFS file system, try live linux distros which run from CDs and DVDs like Knoppix. Click Here for whole list of live linux distros. Here is a site to start your linux learning TLDP.

Fax/Answering Machine

So your old answering machine is damaged or not working, or you’d like a answering machine for you new connection, look no further, your old PC is the answer !! What you need is a phone line connected to your modem, and any of the following softwares installed,  Ventafax, Bitware, SuperVoice, Talkworks Pro etc. You can even use it as IM answering machine, just google it.

Network Firewall

firewallHow about creating a dedicated strong firewall for you networked computers or your PC for free? What you need is Smooth Wall. You’ll need in this case 2 ethernet cards one to connect to network and anather to connect to you computer. Be a geek and challenge your friend to hack your network. Click Here for full article.

Media Server

Buy a Wifi network card and stream your media all over your house, in ipod, mobiles, TV’s etc. Details Here. Or why not create a media server over internet and stream anything using VLC ?? Check Out here. You can also use winamp with shoutcast plugin to stream audio. Details Here.

Watch TV

You can make a PC work as a TV for you in obscure places such has kitchen, dining, even bathroom. Just install a TV tuner card which are dirt cheap now a days and you have you romote controlled TV ready. You can also record Programmes provided you have moderate configuration.

Web/DB/Mail/FTP Server

Why not use your PC as server to host you small personal site? Or a FTP server between your friends? Or an additional backup Database server for you website during failures? Check Here.

Download Manager

utorrentDo you download TB’s of data every month, and your computer is always on for ruiing your torrents or your downloads? Why tax your new system? Use the old PC as download manager and if you only download torrents you don’t even need a monitor, keyboard or mouse, setup a remote desktop using logmein, Team viewer, VNC or even you Gmail !!

PC For Your Little One

Your small child/cousin whoever it is will not need more than Word, Excel , Power Point or Painting or programming applications for their school practise. Give it to them as their own PC to use.

Surveillance Device

webcamAttach a webcam and use it for your home or shop surveillance device. Use a motion detection software such as Video Spy which triggers when motion is detected and keep an eye on your small toddler when your cooking or in bathroom.

Learn Hardware

So your not too familier with hardware structure and don’t want to risk you new PC, use your old PC and This Article to learn some basic hardware assembling and deassembling.

Electronics Engineering Experimentation

How about turning you PC into a lab for experimenting various electronic, such as Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Simulators, Logic Analyzer? Check This.

Emulator / Games

Install an emulator and play old c64 games with you kids (don’t forget to buy some accessories though). Or you can also use it for mustiplayer gaming if only your configurations allows so.

Earn From It

moneyIf you have moderately fast connection you can create a seedbox using utorrent webui or torrentflux php script and sale it on internet, there is a very high demand of quality seedboxes on internet.

Exchange / Trade In

Check This for exchange programmes by different companies.

Donate It

There are many organisations where you can donate your old PC to those who are poor and in dire needs and you can also write off some taxes. TechSoup Maintains a list of places where you can donate.

Throw It

(Please don’t take this idea seriously its very bad for our environment) If you really are not a fan of old Pc then throw it out of your desk and make sure it lands to my

There are many other uses such as Internet browsing, keeping accounts, blogging, etc etc.

If you are rather bored with this techy article and is a lover of creativity why not try and convert you Pc into something amazing (or rather funny). Make your ols PC a Fridge, Aqaurium, Garden .. (Creative people are really Check This.. You need more such ideas ? You must check this.

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