Create 12 Web 2.0 Text Effects Using Layer Styles

This is more a Freebie than a tutorial, i have created for you 12 text effects using only layer styles which can be freely used and distributed (don’t forget to mention source). The styles are top notch and can be used for any purpose from speeding up your designing process to using then as your logo.

Round Up

The following images shows the texts after applying the layer styles.

Web 2.0 Pink Text Style

Web 2.0 Green Text Style

Web 2.0 Blue Text Style

Metal Text Style

Green Lush Text Style

Gooby Text Style

Firefly Glow Text Style

Earthly Being Text Style

Cloudy Text Style

Blood Shine Text Style

Twitter Text Style

Web 2.0 Red Text Style

The Tutorial

To begin with you must 1st give the background an appropriate color or gradient, it is very necessary for the looks, i have used both radial as well as linear gradients for this purpose. You can experiment with different colors and also with the styles.

To learn the process how it was created just double click the “fx” icon next to the text you have used the style, layers style palate will open.

From there just click on the names which are ticked and check the settings, by the end of all the 12 layer styles i’m pretty sure you can make your own styles.

Please Note : The styles are more appropriate for large texts, mainly for logos or headers, but you can also use them on medium, or small texts provided you change the size of borders, shadows, gradients etc appropriately in the layer styles palate.

I haven’t wasted time and space just to write one by one, which you can see for yourself in layer style pallate.

I hope this styles will help you in your both learning and designing process.


Download the layer styles above and Happy Designing !!

Currently working as MD in SandBoyMedia. Based in India having keen interest in Design and Development.

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