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How To Create A Toolbar And Earn From It !!

Creating a toolbar is no more only for geeks. Even a ordinary person who knows to click with his mouse can create a complex and great toolbar easily. Thanks to Conduit, and it does’nt stop there you can get a really great revenue from your toolbar, and yes i have tested it and have earned $34 in 20 days!!

How To Create

Creating your own toolbar is now click and go process, its very easy. 1st thing you need to do is register a free account at Conduit. After you have registered login and start clicking and creating your toolbar, you can add rss feeds, radio, custom search, link buttons, chat, news ticker, podcast and many more…

Click And Create

Click And Create

After You have created your toolbar you’ll get your own webpage with installation link, when you update your toolbar its automatically upgraded to all users!! You can even host the toolbar in your own site. The toolbar is TRUSTe certified without any trojans, backdoors or viruses. Many big companies use Conduit to create and manage toolbar.

Some Big Companies Using Conduit

Some Big Companies Using Conduit

How To Earn

After creating the toolbar you’ll obviously promote it, and conduit offers a great way to earn from it. It pays on basis of PPI(Pay per Install), If you have a moderate promotion ground you can earn $30 easily in 20days without any effort. Check my earnings in the image below.

My Revenue in 20days

My Revenue in 20 days

As you can see my total installation is less than 150 and i earned $34, if you have a big forum or any site with over 50,000 members and even if half of them download’s you’ll earn 25000*0.21 = $5250 !! without any effort !!

Promotion Ways

I didn’t promote through this site as you can see, because i bought the domain recently, truly saying i promoted the site via community sites such as facebook, orkut, myspace etc, i did promotion only 4 times i.e 4 days for only 10 min perday and this is the result. If you have better ways you can earn better.

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