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How To Create Man-Babies In Photoshop

Few days ago one of my friend created a showcase of photoshopped man-baby images , i really liked the idea, moreover there was a comment asking for tutorials on it, so here am i posting a very simple tutorial on creating man-baby. Please note to follow the tutorial you must atleast know some basics because this tutorial only shows an approach of creating it, the rest you have to do on your own. So lets start.

Find Most Suitable Image

You need to have a suitable image to start with or you can find some on flickr, etc. I’ll use the following 2 images, both pictures have proper skin tones, background and faces to start with.


© Tonbut. All Rights Reserved.


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Please note example no1,2 and 3 in man-babies showcase uses a very different approach its based on photography, 2 different shots were taken with proper pose and merged on photoshop, i don’t have such photographs so can’t take that approach, but you can always try capturing on ur cam and editing them.


First step is rather easy using the rectangular, circular or any other marquee tool copy paste [CTRL+J] the faces and align them correctly (lawer opacity to see through it), if transformation like size, angle etc is needed do it using transform [CTRL+T].



In the 2nd image i have swapped the face horizontally using transform to make it flow with the original image. I have also made the size small and aligned it directly above the faces using opacity see through.

Clean Up

Cleanup is the most important of all, i have used layer mask and brushes to clean it up, 1st u need to select the head layer which you want to clean, and then click the “Add Layer Mask” Button maskin the layers panel,  this will create a new mask in the currently selected layer, Press “D” to make your foreground colour black, now select a soft round brush and paint it over the extra pixels, it will be hidden by the mask, if you think u have mistaken just press “X” to swap foreground colour with white and brush and it will appear, try to precisely make the edges sharp and erase the extra pixels.


You can also use lasso, pentool etc to create a selection and fill it with black to remove extra pixels, its totally upto you and what you are most comfortable with, i needed speed so i used brush, make sure you change the diameter of brush when required. This step cannot be done in one step it needs practise and patience and number of trials.

Tips & Tricks

After you erase the extra parts i’m preety sure you’ll not get the desired effect, either your hair will look blurry or shadow will look awry, or maybe you also need to delete some parts of original to accomodate the new. In image 1 the hair was real difficult to sharpen what i did was real simple used some parts of the hair of the original image. Check the image below.


But in the 2nd image i had to erase some parts to accomodate new face, for that i used clone tool to duplicate the shrubs.


You may face many other problems like awry shadows which can also be solved by clone tool, sometimes to mix up both images smudge tool can be used, the main point is you need to know basics of photoshop and the basic idea before doing the edit.


After some real modifications i finally came up with both finished versions, though it may not be as good, i did it in hurry, if you give it time it will look more beautiful. And also don’t forget to capture custom photos and merge them to create real cool effects.



Source Files

The source files can be dowloaded here : MANBABY.RAR

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