How To Create Old Grudge Style Print Ready Business Card

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Today i will guide and help you to create a cool old grudged business card in photoshop which is fully print ready with full bleed. The size of the business card we’ll be creating is standard US size of 3.5 X 2 inch. I’ll show you some techniques for working swiftly for any design you do in future and i promise you’ll learn something new in the tutorial.

The Assets

Before we start i want you to download the following files unless you already have them in your computer. This will be needed in the design process.

Final Business Card Preview

Grudge Old Business Card Preview

The Basics

Download the Business Card (Bleed Ready) Template. I have created this for your ease, you can use this in any future design you’ll be doing. Let me go through the template first.

  • Size 3.75×2.25 – The extra 0.25 inch are used for the bleed. While printing the full bleed process will trim away the extra bits. I have marked the bleed lines and cut lines and safety margin using guides, so please enable guides from View>Show>Guides.
  • The Template is print ready with 300dpi resolution and CMYK colour.

Business Card Margins

Creating The Layout

1) I’d recommend you switch off the guides for now so that we can check out the uncluttered design. We’ll be creating the bare background first. Create a new layer and add gradient as shown below.

Business Card Gradient Settings

2) Next we need to add slight noise using filters. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise, Amount: 2.45%, Distribution: Gaussian, Select Monochromatic.

3) Assuming that you know the basics of pen tool create 3 shapes top of each other following the image below. If you don’t know to use pen tool, just select pen tool and click on 4 corners, follow the images below. Create the shapes in 3 different layers one above other.

Adding The Text

1) Lets start with the name, using Black Oak Std font, you can also use any other font i had found this font on machine lying idle so i used it, but try to use old style fonts, type 18pt #db9628 text. You’ll notice the width of the font is very high, so what you need to do is Press CTRL+T (Transform) and lower the width. Also lower the line height to 18pt.

2) Right Click the text layer and select convert to smart object. If you are using lower versions of photoshop and don’t have this option please rasterize the layer by right clicking and selecting rastarize layer. We need to do this to give the text the flow of the shapes. After converting press CTRL+T again.

3) Now this part is somewhat difficult and may require retries. Press ALT key in the keyboard and drag the corners of the transform box to the edge of the shape. You might want to try lowering the height of the text before doing this. Now press both Shift+ALT and and select one corner and drag it towards inside to lower the text size.

4) Then drag the text little down and readjust the corners pressing ALT until you come up with something shown below.

5) Follow the same steps for the other texts too. Several retries will give you the wanted result. For the other texts i have use Calibri font. For the brown text the colour i have uses is #4b3613.

Adding The Flavour

In this part we’ll look on how we can give the card a old paper type feel. This part is not so tough, this is the chill out part.

1) I hope you have already downloaded the Rough Natural Paper Texture. Drag it over to our main business card PSD file, and use CTRL+T to lower its width and height to 58%. Make sure its on top of all layers.

2) Now Press CTRL+U (Hue Saturation) and select saturation to -100. Change the blending mode to Overlay, opacity 23%. Then select CTRL+L (Levels) And try experimenting until you get a good feeling of the paper texture.

3) Now we’ll add a burned edge effect. For that first create a new layer and place it above all layers. Fill it with black. Now select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, change feather to 20px on the top. Draw a  box as shown on image below and press delete. Deselect it and change opacity 62% and blending to linear burn. Now press CTRL+U and follow settings shown below.

The Torned Edge

1) We need to create the brush for the torned edge, select 17px Chalk brush and increase its size to 20px. Then Go to Brush setting (Windows>Brushes) and follow the images below.

2) Now Insert a new layer above all layers, make brush colour black and draw something which resembles below.

3) Change Blending to softlight and opacity to 53% and congrats your Business card is ready. Go print it.

Download The Business Card

As always for your convenience i have provided the download link for the completed PSD file below for FREE. If you don’t want to go over this steps and just want to edit the text and print your card you can do so by selecting the text layer and clicking Edit Contents.

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