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How To Create A Page Peel Advertisement In WordPress !!

Most of the good page peel script available on internet comes for a premium, i have gone through many free script some based on jquery, but those looks very basic and unattractive, but thanks to Christian Harz of Webpicasso, he have create a great pagepeel script based on flash and highly and easily customizable comparable to best premium scripts available. We’ll learn to integrate his pagepeel script in wordpress and attract visitors.

Those who don’t know about pagepeel advertisements they should rather visit Webpicasso and check it for themselves. Pagepeels are also known as magic corner, Peel Adv, etc It takes a very small space in the corner and when ever user hovers over the corner the page peels up and shows the adv. It is highly efficient form of advertising and have high CTR rate. The steps highlighted in tutorial is also applicable for any other type of dynamic or static site.

Step 1

Creating Page Peel Adv for your wordpress site is very easy, the first thing you need to do is download pageear 1.4 HERE. Then extract it and open the pageear.js in wordpad and change “yoursitename.com” to your site url and “themename” to your theme’s name.Change the other settings as mentioned in javascript. Then upload the whole pageear folder in your site’s theme directory. In my experiment i’m using the theme normal, so the folder should be placed in the normal folder.


Now open header.php in the themes folder and add the below line just before the end of </head>

<script src=”<?=bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/pageear/AC_OETags.js” language=”javascript”></script>

<script src=”<?=bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/pageear/pageear.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Reference Header

Reference Header

Next Open footer.php and add the below lines just before the end of </body>
<script type=”text/javascript”>

Footer Reference

Footer Reference

Step 3

In Action

In Action

Test your blog if everything is working properly then change the images to suit your needs. For those who does’nt want to code or are not familiar with all structures you can use pagepeel plugin, it can be downlaoded HERE. But I’d highly recommend to add it by hand as that will not tax your server with unnecessary processing of extra codes. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, do comment if u did. Thanks!!

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