How To Create Simple Yet Attractive Eye Catchy Signature In Photoshop

I have been very slow going these days , due to my work, and today i’m back with a very simple photoshop tutorial, The aim of the tutorial is to create a very very simple signature for advertising yoursite in forums, portals etc and i guarantee it will be more noticable and attactive than other complicated masterpiece signatures. And as a matter of fact the tutorial is easy as hell !!

1) Create a New File in photoshop approximate 500*150px in size. Use rounded rectangle tool (10px radius) to draw a rectangle taking up the most of the space, as the image below.


2) Now we have to add some layer styles, click the fx button in layers panel and select gradient overlay.


Follow the image for the gradient settings.


Next we need to give it a stroke and shadow follow image below.


3) Next we need to add some text over it. USe the text tool to create text and align in the center, give it a gradient and stroke as shown below.




4) Its almost done except for giving it the prespective, create a new group and add all layers except the background layer in it and convert it into a smart object, if you are in older version and doesnt have the option just rasterize all layers except the background layer.



Now Transform the layer (CTRL+T) and pressing ALT and clicking on the nodes transform it to give it any shape yu like and which looks good.


5) This part is about saving the image, first hide the background layer clicking on the eye icon and then go to File > Save For Web And Devices, select PNG24 and makesure transparency is selected. Your Signature is ready !!


Thanks Hope you enjoyed the tutorial !!

Currently working as MD in SandBoyMedia. Based in India having keen interest in Design and Development.

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