How to Cut And Trim DVD,Divx,Asf etc Without Re-Encoding

When it was the era of VCD cutting songs or triming certain parts of the videos were’nt really a problem with so many Free VCD cutters available, more over VCD’s used the Codec MPEG 1 which was a pretty standard so it used to work on any VCD cutter, but now is the era of high resolution DV, and truly saying there are so many codecs (including video and audio) that theres no standard for a particular file moreover there are vast list of formats like divx,asf,flv etc etc, and we all know no body wants to encode videos just to cut out some songs, it losses the quality as well as takes painfully huge time unless you have the latest rig. So what we’ll do in this tutorial is use a free software called Virtual Dub and cut the parts of videos we want without any re-encoding.

Download Virtual Dub & K-lite Codec

Before we proceed i need you to download Virtual Dub, which is completely free opensource software. It is recommended you download the stable version instead of the latest experimental ones.

Next thing we need to download is K-lite Codec, if you have already any other pack of codec’s installed then its not needed. Codec pank contains the required codecs for playing a particurar format of video.

Optional : Virtual dub does’nt support mov, flv, mp4 etc, If you need to import them please download this plugins : VideoHelp. And extract them in plugins32 folder.

Cutting and Trimming Video

1) Launch Virtual Dub by clicking Virtualdub.exe in the virtual dub folder. Click File > Open Video File and open the video file you want to cut. If any errors come while importing just click OK.


2) Now we need to set starting and ending points. Scroll through the video scroll bar and stop the the frame you want to start cutting and then go to Edit > Set Selection Start (Home), next scroll to the ending frame of the video you want and select Edit > Set Selection End (End)


Exporting The Video Without Re-Encoding

1) To export the video without any type or re encoding we need to make audio and video direct stream copy. Click Video > Direct Stream Copy and Audio > Direct Stream Copy. This will ensure none of the streams are encoded and are directly copied as it is.

2) Now you just need to click File > Save As Avi (F7) and export. It will instantly save it without any type of recompression.

Hope You enjoyed the Tutorial. Thanks!!

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